‘EDGE’ to ‘EDGE – New Age Finishing School’

We are proud to announce that we have changed the name of our organization from EDGE to EDGE – New Age Finishing School. The decision to change our name is just a first step in the process of creating more opportunities for every student in his/her ambition to secure a dream job, and we also hope that we are more reachable to a broader category of students.

Our focus is targeted towards the betterment of every individual searching for a new dimension to their profile and cater to the industry needs.

Our doors are open to all the upcoming graduates using the new title:- EDGE to EDGE – New Age Finishing School, that properly describes the breadth and depth of our academic programs. We have expanded our course offerings beyond Expense Management, Unified Communications, Data Analytics & Digital Marketing and have also added a program in Health Care Field Medical/Business Transcriptionist. One could say we “outgrew” our name but have retained our basic core quality.

EDGE to EDGE – New Age Finishing School, in partnership with IIAM Vizag, has only changed its name and is determined to create extensively skilled and industry ready candidates. In the current economic scenario landing into a job with career growth prospects is becoming tough due to the existing gap between prevalent skill-set & job expectations, and EDGE bridges this gap by delivering the best Training by industry experts to create job ready candidates. This will increase a balance between the jobless students and industry requirement.

Our quality materials delivered at EDGE training program are of a great standard, with focus on ‘hands on’ expertise and comprehensive professional development.

Our idea behind the new Name is to stretch out and extend the array of ‘on-demand courses’ just like our bay of shore that marks every bit of success in the ‘City of Destiny’. The need for skilled graduates has been increasing due in large part to the ever increasingly job expectations. EDGE to EDGE – New Age Finishing School, believes that a highly educated workforce will continue to make our industry highly competitive, added with little support from institutes like us. Our aim is to observe the tech industry and encourage students to take up such program to get hired without a much lag after their graduation. Our industry is becoming more & more complex and will become more technologically driven as the world is evolving into an increased market of global competition.

We're still an institute- A New Era Finishing School. We understand that you may have several questions regarding this decision and have attempted to provide answers to those which are commonly asked.

What exactly is changing?
Only the name has changed from EDGE to EDGE – New Age Finishing School. Our Course is still intact with exciting add-ons of a new interesting course.

Why is a new name necessary?
The University has put a great deal of effort into enhancing your student experience and is providing you with the best education possible. EDGE- A New Age Finishing School is new and fresh; yet, it has instantly reached bigger and better heights than ever before!

How will I reach EDGE?
All emails or calls sent to EDGE – New Age Finishing School will be redirected to us. The phone number is still the same as well as the location. We haven’t moved! We are here and ready to assist you when you need us.

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